Sunday, March 15, 2009

Medieval Total War II

I recently picked up the almost latest in the Total War series of comp games. Having missed the initial 'Samurai', loved the original 'Medieval', played 'Rome' for many hours, I was keen to finally pick this copy up. I had to wait until they released the latest 'Empire' game for the price to drop. But it finally did, so I did.

It's quite like Rome Total War in its gameplay, albeit with DVD quality battle scenes etc. Haven't played it enough to get a grip on whether the ingame action has improved or not.

I have only the 'basic' version of Medieval II with none of the expansions included in the 'Gold Edition'. Thus, I only get the 'short' or 'Long' campaign options for each of the five basic nations - England, France, 'Germany', Venice and Spain. I am hoping that the options open up like they did in Rome once one has successfully completed a short campaign.

Both short and long games start in 1080 ad. For my first attempt i am playing the Holy Roman Empire (Germany). Hopefully that will let me have some teutonic knights and some Knights Hospitilar to play with in time.

More on it as I get the hang of it.

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