Monday, March 16, 2009

Crossfire - change of game name

Well, I used 'devolved' to learn the basics of online First Person Shooter games. And totally trashed my prospects of ever having a respectable kill/be-killed ratio. Which would prevent me joining a clan one day in the crossfire world, or mean that i would have to go hunting newbies which I don't particularly want to do. I mean, I have a hard enough time keeping up with reflexes of most of the other players (perhaps being twice their average age has something to do with it).

So, I looked to see if I could eradicate my character and start up another. No such option.

So I had to use an old email address i use for such situations. I don't like creating multiple sets of characters anywhere. Can lead to problems sometimes (eg. permanent eradication in some worlds).

One thing of interest in Crossfire is its 'honour' system, whereby the code allocates an 'honour ranking' upon a character, starting as 'neutral' and then changing depending upon one's actions ingame. Not sure exactly what it measures, but Devolved developed a 'highly honourable' ranking at the same time as his kill/be-killed ratio plumetted. I think this is why I get chosen by the system as 'host' for the room I'm in if the current host departs the game (the host sets the 'map', victory criteria, duration and mission type of a game - as well as determining when to hit the 'start' button). Ironic, at times, with the least experienced and most ineffective of up to 32 soldiers being chosen as game host.

My new ingame tag is Capn_Bligh ('Bligh,' for short), btw.


Anonymous said...

The honour system would be in reference to your teamkills, me thinks. The Lizard signing out

Dracmuller said...

Correct, zero teamkills. I've noticed that having a friendly (me)
'cross the tube' doesn't prevent some of my 'teamates' pulling the trigger. Makes the kill/be-killed ratio look worse than it should be, in my view. Grrrrrr.

Nice to see you here btw, Lizard.

Anonymous said...

They don't CHOOSE YOU! as HOST! it just happens to give u that privilege when the actual host is on the other TEAM list and he leaves and u are the first on the list of the other TEAM..
4 example.. if u r on top on the Terrorist's list on a room and the host that's on the CP list decides to leave the room.. then u become the host! no other reason.

btw.. i think the honour system is somehow related to how many times have u been kicked from room and the times u have or haven't leave while still in-game.

Plus u can't play with 32 soldiers on the room.. the max amount of players that can join a room is 16! 8 on each side.. no more

ligtvizlee said...

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