Monday, September 17, 2007

Retreat - RK 7

In my Renaissance Kingdom game, the way you get to get away from your obligations in the virtual world (such as to keep from starving to death or worrying about the price of bread) is to go on a 'Retreat' at the local church. Whilst on retreat your fields are unkept, your stock untended and you cannot participate in the regular discourse of the village.

Whilst on retreat you are not allowed to earn anything (though your inventory of goods can remain at your home), and you must have (apparently) sorted out your labour force if you are expecting others to do the work on your fields while you are gone.

I am too poor to hire others, so my two little pigs had to put up with a couple days of not being fed. They both survived, but lost a lot of condition (I have fattened them up againg since - taking a day off from my work in the mines to slaughter the largest of the two so I can sell his meat and hide on the market(sigh)).

When you come out of retreat you can feel refreshed, knowing that the daily grind of the seasons continues as before in your humble village and that perhaps you are not so important afterall.

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