Saturday, September 22, 2007

Factional conflict - RK 8

My scottish peasant continues to learn about virtual pig farming in my medieval village in the online game of Renaissance Kingdoms. I have sold a complete carcase now, and will soon slaughter my prize pig to sell its haunches also. It is a tight operation at times, as one must balance the need to purchase new stock and feed, earn an income, feed oneself and put labour into the farm. I think I am working out the economics of it.

Would be nice to have a second field. If I did have one, I'd grow corn on it to feed my pigs without having to hassle around bidding in the market.

The politics in the village is heating up, with the lawcourts doing a thriving trade handling law suits and prosecuting reported crimes. I have sat in the galleries and observed the pleadings and witnesses be placed before the court, where justice is dispensed.

Don't know if I'd want to be a lawyer in this world, it is very much in the public eye and the consequences to the parties before the court are fairly serious. Also, it appears that much of the legal chicanery that is occuring is a continuation of the developing competition between two coalescing factions of the town council, who till now have limited their aggressive action towards each other to words in council and on the forums.

I'm trying to just keep my head down and eventually be able to afford a nice new pair of trousers.

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