Thursday, September 13, 2007


Ogame Order Sheet - 2 days in September, 2007


Anonymous said...

Hi, I joined the game after reading about it in your blog. How the heck did you learn about anything? There isn't a decent FAQ anywhere on any website. I just sent my first espionage probe to another planet. It went and came back. Where was I supposed to see the info it grabbed? Hopefully you can help another Adelaidean ... thanks.

-- George

Pleader said...

Cheers. I will do what I can to assist. Perhaps a post on the topic is warranted?

I learnt through being stubborn, and I have bothered a more experienced mate a couple of times.

One needs to trawl the 'boards' to glean bits and pieces of 'rules'. You can access them from the menu on left of Ogame screens whilst playing. I have a couple links on my 'MMPORG Resource' page (to what passes for FAQ on the boards). The link to the resource page is on left top of this blog.

As far as I know there is NO consolidated version of all the rules. Amazing, considering the game has been going for decades I believe.

Your specific question about a probe - you need to (1) make sure you click 'espionage' as type of mission (if using usual fleet screen), (2) check your messages when the probe has reached the target planet.

Feel free to post further 'arcane' questions on this 'arcana' post and I'll help as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

A good OGame learning site is