Monday, September 17, 2007

The Vacation Option - Ogame 11

Over the weekend I went off with the missus to spend a couple nights at Burra, an 'old' mining cum tourist/farming town in the state's midnorth (that is, it is 'old' in white australian terms - about 160 years). This got me away from my Ogame.

I utilised the 'vacation' facility in the play options. Every good MMPORG seems to have something like it, so you can leave your screen and game behind without nasty consequences (such as other players jumping on your inert empire/kingdom/farm while you are gone).

To go on an Ogame vacation, you must first complete all building, ship manufacture and fleet movement in your budding empire. Once everything has come to a halt, you can use the vacation option. Once you do that, you can't take control of your resources and fleets for at least 48 hours (you can, however, continue to look over things, albeit at a superficial level).

While on vacation, all of your planets go back to the base rate of resource production (ie all your mines stop working) and your power production goes to zero. I believe that uncompleted research goes into stasis during your holidays, but can't vouch for the fact as I made sure that my own research was completed before hitting the vacation button.

While in vacation mode, no-one can attack you. Or probe you. Or rob you. Or backstab you. It allows a little period of sanity.

At the moment I am trying to keep all of my resources either in motion (and hence invulnerable to attack) or busy, attempting to balance a continued research effort with steady raiding activity, fleet production and planetary development. I continue to be sussed out by Sciuko (rank 1011), who has now seen snapshots of my growing inventory. The fact that he hasn't attempted to attack me again implies that I am managing to keep the probable cost of my subdual significantly more than the value of any benefits to be derived from same.

Rank: 1764
Points: 9070

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