Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ogame 12 - the pace changes

I have settled a new colony in a galaxy far far away from my homland in my online Ogame. I hope to use it as a base from which to set up further colonies in galaxies even further away. One thing I've noticed about my new galaxy is that, even though sparsely populated, it is populated with fairly high ranking active players. Some of them are keeping a watching brief on me. But as I constitute neither active threat nor juicy target, nothing has come of their interest yet.

In my homeworlds, I continue to be probed fairly regularly by relatively high ranking players. So far I have managed my resources so that I never appear to be worth a raid, unless they intend to 'crash' my battle fleet, which is now large enough now to dissuade most of those ranked similar to myself.

I have reached a level of development where every new development I now make is a major one, requiring one or more days of planning how to get enough resources to the one place at the same time without lining myself up to be raided while shuttling things around.

The character of the game is changing.

Rank: 1614
Points: 11311

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