Sunday, February 08, 2009

Roadside Sacrifice

My character from Tribal Nations has recently been travelling through distant provinces of 15th Century Aztec Mexico with the intention of using the coded mechanism for 'robbing' to conduct 'sacrifices' of travellers to the road gods (you can follow my travels on this evolving map).

We had our first successful attack on the first day we set ourselves up on a 'node'. We made a tidy profit and, judging by the following mail which my character received, rather upset the victim:

"You are aware that I want back everything you stole from me. Of course ... I'll make an official complain (sic)."

Judging by what he was carrying at the time he was transporting goods between towns as either a trader or as an 'official' who was moving goods to help the economic development of the more isolated towns.

I sent him the following mail in response:

"We thank you for participating in our roadside sacrifice. The high priests of your tribe will no doubt also be pleased at your sacrifice to the gods of the road, in conformity with the sacred lasw of Yohualtepec which encourage devout worshipers of the road gods to sacrifice travelers who travel alone."

The silly bugger might in future make an effort to form a group before travelling with such valuable goods as he was.

We have moved on to another location in the province to conduct further sacrifices. More news as it comes to hand...

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