Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blast from the Past - Rise and Decline of the Third Reich

While reading Roll Dice and Kick Ass I had a memory flashback when I saw the recent post about the old Avalon Hill Classic, Rise and Decline of the Third Reich. For those that don't know, this was one of the original 'monster games', complexity level 10, massive board, upto seven players, 64 page small font three column rule book, zillions of pieces.

I got a copy in the early eighties. I was the only person in the region who had a copy. I played one game against a school friend (or, part of a game) and several 'against' myself. Never did find another player to play it against. Still have my battered copy of it, hoping against hope that one day I'll get a chance.

In the early 90s I saw a pirated copy of a computerised (Amiga) version which was a hoot to play, but I never again finished as I had to move from the house where the copy was and I didn't have an amiga.

I don't think there's a functioning community even now on the cyberworld for it, and don't know if at this stage of my life I'd have time to go through all those rules again, let alone play it. Sure would love to though!

Maybe when I've retired, as long as my eyesight hasn't gone to shite so I don't miss the fine print.

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