Saturday, January 31, 2009

Into the Zone

Note: another province has opened up to the west of this map, but it doesn't affect our present travels. I'll update as appropriate in future...

Me and my mate are now in our hunting zone where we intend to pursue good deeds on the roads. We have stayed in Tzilacaapan for 3 days, will probably then go to Cuauhtinchan for one more day of fishing. Then we will hop onto the 'nodes' and head south to the sacrificial area. All this time we have been eating meat which we bought up in Tecalco. With five days of travel to the first roadside shrine, my mate will have increased his fighting coefficient to 3 (on a scale of 1 to 5). I will have joined him at that strength level within the week.

Travel in RK and in TN occurs at the rate of two nodes a day unless one has purchased 'tokens' (with real money) in which case one can travel three nodes. If a town is on the node one stops on, one will be in the town for the following day. If one stops on a node without a town, one will be 'on the road' the following day. If one is in a town, one can visit its taverns and markets (and one's own home property if the town is one's home town). If one is on the road, you just camp out. The disadvantage of stopping at a town is that a lot of people notice you. If one slinks around 'on the nodes' and don't stop in at the towns one has a good chance of passing undetected through the countryside.

PS: I am updating this map as we go, tracing our path through time.
3/2/09 - travelling on the nodes south of Cuauhtinchan. Between the town and the intersection to the south is actually another node, so it is a full day to the intersection, another day to the mine site node.
7/2/09 - Successful sacrifice south of Huehuehtlan.
9/2/09 - Sacrifice west of Tecamachalco
12/2/09 - Sacrifice on the five way intersection (shown as 3 way on map above) by far and away our most successful sacrifice yet.

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