Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cyberspy Warning

I have had an interest in the anthropology of online worlds since I discovered them. Besides the study of the play, I am interested in the 'leakage' between realworld and online cultures. (as may be slightly obvious in my passage through RK). Seems I'm not the only one so interested.

Besides the marketeers and the hucksters, there's another breed I'm at least as interested in, the soldiers and the spies. If you look at this page and surf the links you'll find plenty of interesting stuff if you're interested in it.

The one that grabbed me is this tendentious piece of CIA work, written it seems sometime in 2007. They really don't seem to get it.

And what has this to do with gaming? You'll see that the corporations and the spymasters are trawling with their scientist friends the online worlds of social networks, games, and the hazy territory in between. The assumptions behind their analyses will soon, if it doesn't already, affect your realworld opportunities and experiences. All because you won't know about it doesn't mean it won't be happening.

Makes me sound like a paranoid Call of Cthulhu player!

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