Monday, July 02, 2007

Midway Friends

I have just flown over US carrier fleet approaching Midway in a F4F wildcat. There was a real scrap online as about a dozen of our fighters battled a slightly superior number of Jap Bettys (2 engine level bomber) and Vals (divebomber), escorted by a bunch of nimble zeros. I don't know who was winning the fight when I logged out. I flew two missions here, the first I escorted a SBD bomber, piloted by ColorStone (Denmark), on raid towards Midway (in this scenario, occupied by Japs) to bomb their fleet in the attol. There were about 35 players online all up. Great fun. ColorStone was the only other one active on teamspeak. Nice guy, on my list of 'friends'

I have now flown with quite a few other flyers online, almost all of them way more experienced than myself, from all over the world. With the Teamspeak, I have carried on enjoyable conversations with pilots from Denmark (ColourStone), Australia (RAF_wolf and 650Chunder) and of course the US (JTDawg, LordX), amongst others.

It is a valid level of interactive gaming friendship - there is a certain level of keeness in the the shared interest zone that can be taken for granted. You don't accidentally get a fighter off a carrier by luck more than once. Anyway, time to go as I have a busy day at work tomorrow.

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