Saturday, July 14, 2007

Off to the games shop

I love my wife! For weeks now she's been nagging me to go and check out a gameshop she's found about 10 min from home. So, on Thursday night, we hopped on the O-bahn (bus that runs on tracks through Adelaide's Linear Park along the Torrens River Valley) and 8 min later walked into the store.

This was just a recce mission, so I checked out the games there. Heaps of Eurogames, which I've been reading about a while now on Jerusalem Gamer and Games to Go. I checked out about a dozen or so of them before we left. Perhaps luckily, they didn't have Carcassone there or I would have probably got it then (having heard a lot of it and knowing it's a good introductory game). I say "luckily", because I wasn't familiar with the others that were there and so wasn't keen to buy any without running them through Board Game Geek to check out user reviews.

The one's that most intrigued me - Puerto Rico and Amon Ra. They seem to come up trumps on BGG, with Puerto Rico in particular coming up trumps as Number 1.

If they have it still, we'll be going off in a few minutes to get Puerto Rico. Can't wait to try it out!

PS - last night I finally managed to stalk down an opponent in a full realism flightsim, and then engage and outwit him in the dogfight (I was Kittyhawk and he was zero), sending him flaming to the seas beneath. Stalked a couple others, but they were better dogfighters and ended up getting me - though I did get some shots on target. Improvement continues!

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