Saturday, August 05, 2006

EFII Game Report - Long Walk Home

In the long term project Wayne and I have going (a series of Talonsoft's East Front II games played by email, taking us from the conquest of Poland to the obliteration of Berlin) we have recently completed The Long Walk Home scenario (click here for an earlier report on the game). It was a major Finnish victory, the Russians failed to penetrate the main line of resistance, let alone breakthrough the battle area along the highway.

It was a very interesting scenario, showing the versatility of Talonsoft's Campaign system. You could really feel the difference between the efficient ambush strikes of the Finnish ski troops, as opposed to the blundering steamroller of the soviets. The character of the battles that developed along the wooded roads was one of Finnish trying to strike the rear and flanks of the Russian columns as they advanced up the few roads, yet not get too caught up in any particular firefight as that would allow the Soviet to in turn encircle and overwhelm the skitroops. Finnish Troop Quality, especially their consistent ability to rally but also their movement speed, made them very tough opponents. The russian's strength lay in his seemingly inumerable reserves.

To my mind it fairly accurately reflected the tactical dimensions of the Winter War. It would only be a matter of time and casualties and the russian would win through through sheer force of numbers. Which is exactly what happened historically.

Thus, out of two completed games, Wayne and I have each won a major victory. Both games have gone the way they did historically (broadly speaking).

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