Thursday, January 26, 2006

Wargames Table

I completed my wargame table during the end of my holiday. It is now composed of two boards, each about 50" x 40". They are heavy chipboard (particle board), and covered in green felt. The total cost was about $28 and several hours. The felt was the most expensxive, the chip board rescued from disposal from a factory, and the bottle of wood glue was bought from a 'bargain' store for about $6. There's a bit of a bow in the sheets that doesn't align when the boards are laid out. I think I accidentally covered different facings of my boards once I had cut the initial sheet in half. Frustrating, because the rest of the job is pretty neat. It's not so significant, however, that it majorly interferes with the table top view, although its presence reminds you always that it IS a tabletop that you look at.

I have enough felt leftover to make some countour levels in future.

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