Friday, January 27, 2006

Prelude to Sesena

I have completed my new buildings with a mix of Wine Red and Leather (about 4:1) on their rooves. I also purchased three sheets of flocked grey felt measuring 12" by 9" for 60c @. I have cut these into several squares, leaving only one full sized. Placed next to each other, they pretty well stretch across my table. Thus, I have been able to construct a barrier of the township of Sesena across the battlefied, populated with enough interesting buildings to make it visually attractive. Looks good.

Tomorrow morning Wayne will call around and we will see if we can get through a battalion sized battle in a morning. Basically, a republican armoured company of Russian T26s will try and punch through the weakly held township of Sesena (defended by a company of Moroccans and a 75 mm gun). A couple of communist infantry companies will move up and, hopefully, follow suit. There will be scattered nationalist reinforcements arriving from the Western edge (totalling a company of foreign legion infantry, a company of CV 35s (lead tankette with flamethrower), and another platoon of mounted moroccans). Should be okay.

The game will have a 15 turn time limit, and will start raining. This will make some of the land boggy. The winner will be determined by a point system. 1 pt for each enemy element destroyed, 2 for each AFV destroyed, 2 to the nationalist for each unsupported T26 that leaves the Western edge, 4 to the republican for each T26 that leaves that edge if that tank is matched by a communist infantry platoon. The T26s can leave the table and return on a later turn. There is only one highway, and it only reaches from the Western edge to the town square of Sesena in the middle of the table.

Units are all veteran or elite (Morroccans are regular in urban area). I have made the Morroccans 'reckless' - death or glory in the charge! Foreign Legionairres have molotov cocktails. The armoured units of each side will find it difficult to cooperate with their infantry. The T26s will always use the Republican's first 'command point' (thus, on some turns they will be the only republican unit to move).

The scenario is a slighlty modified form of Steve Bagalan's "Tank attack on Sesena" scenario ( ).

I'll report the result soon.

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