Thursday, January 26, 2006

Melbourne holiday gaming

I had a couple weeks holiday over xmas new year. Family went to Melbourne and stayed with other family. Played a few games over several nights with each other. The ones I played were pretty good fun (except the last). Played two games of 'Gang of Four' (a wonderful chinese card game from the days of the cultural revolution), I won one. Played two games of Lord of the Rings Risk, once with the first/basic edition, the other using the full game (which has the additional regions of Mordor and Gondor). I didn't win either of them, and in the first game I ended the game with a single unit of elvish archers in Hobbiton as my sole remaining force! Also started a game of it where a fellow gamer got upset at my first turn attack and quit the game. I didn't like that.

Bad sportsmanship in games, the setting of ethical absolutes that apply to everyone else except oneself, are things that leave me feeling agitated. I can deal with people getting shirty and upset (don't we all at times?), but not trashing of either game or gamer as consequence. Anyway... all good gamers should know what I speak of, and why we keep going back!

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