Monday, October 25, 2004

1327 - My Response

The aim this season is to involve other's in my war, secure as much as possible of my reconquest, disrupt the Byzantine, maintain my gold supply. There are major diplomatic developments unfolding as we write this, so this may be updated.

Taking advantage of growing international hostility towards the Byzantine is the unifying link in the tactics used to attain the above objectives. Thus, we have surrendered Angora to the Hungarians, to give him a base to build from. It will also make Byzantium more paranoid. We have also ordered that, if we still control the province at year's end, Smyrna is to be given to the Venetian. We don't think he is at war with Byzantium, so his buffer status will be a surprising thorn in the Byzantine's side. Of course, Smyrna can be taken by the emporer this turn no matter what we or anyone else does, so we don't wish to invest resources into it. Giving it away would be making something out of nothing. It would also draw the Ventian into the conflict.

We invade Bythnia with raiders from Smyrna, if Byzantium concentrates totally on his west, he will become further restricted to the East. We march swordsmen from Smyrna to plunder Nicea. Once again, he can take this province so we are investing the minimum in it. The remaining cavalry in Smyrna march to Trezibond, staying out of reach of the Byzantine once they have passed Nicea.

The cavalry in Angora evacuate through Ankara, along with their attached skirmishing unit, to Edessa. The cavalry then ride to Antioch to be useful on the first phase next year to defend either or both of my cities (Edessa and Jerusalem). Some of my Edessan infantry march South to Jerusalem, the remainder form a basic garrison in the capital. The Guards in Edessa march to Ankara to escort the cavalry riding from Angora to Edessa. My Jerusalem cavalry hold the city before relocating to Antioch to join my strategic reserve of cavalry.

We recruit garrison troops in Edessa and Jerusalem, looking to hold them as long as possible. We hope that our allies will start taking up the slack in the fight against the empire this season. We can't expect to survive any longer in a meaningful way unless they do so.

A secret conspiracy now meets on a yahoo group site, and lays plots to further our chances of survival. Present members include ourselves, King Stan of Venice, King Georgio of Hungary and Khan Kilroy of the Golden Horde. The Mamluke Sultan is presently being considered by the membership for an invitation to join. This is an exiting and intersting development. More on it later.

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