Friday, October 08, 2004

1325 - Situation

We had a successful campaigning season, seizing the Byzantine possession of Miletus, liberating Ankara, building a strong horsed army in Edessa. The Byzanitine would have got a shock when he first looked at the map! For his part, he has strengthened his garrison in Tarsus, and sailed a fleet across the Black Sea to threaten Trebizond with a large amphibious force of marines.

Further afield, a large war appears brewing in central Europe. At this stage, it looks like everyone else jumping against the Teutonic Order. Perhaps his size was threatening? England continues to take advantage of the vaccum in Saxony, expanding to the Baltic. In Iberia and North Africa, Castile continues to expand at Morocco's expense.

Diplomatically, we have now reached understanding with Venice, the Mamlukes, Hungary and the Golden Horde. In addition to entering an alliance, the Mamluke has given us 1 gold piece. This appears miserly but, considering our own income was only 10 gp, we were very thankful.

Thus, the clouds of war continue to obscure our land, but we appear to hold our own for a turn or two at least. Should the Byzantine continue to concentrate against us, he will crush us through sheer weight of numbers. No-one else is too keen to attack the Emporer, but if we continue to weaken him this might change.

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