Monday, October 18, 2004

1326 - International Update

A brief reprise on recent developments internationally. What follows doesn't affect what I intend to do. Conversely, it gives me more reason to do it.

All of my allies are now corresponding. The Horde and Venice are going to take over buffer states offered by Hungary. Hungary is preparing to abandon provinces to either Bavaria or his allies in order to survive. He then agrees that the Byzantine should be cracked as the more vulnerable in the enemy alliance. Accordingly, he is seeking future permission to land a force on my black sea coast (with the Horde providing a fleet), and even a promise to cede him Angora as a base from which to build if he loses his European cities. We have agreed with these ideas.

Venice has confirmed that he and the Horde will receive Hungarian border provinces. The Horde has confirmed plans for shipping the Hungarian army if necessary. Hungary has implied that he will fight to the death. And best of all, the Mamluke appears ready to march West, and take to the seas with a navy strong enough to take on Byzantium.

In other words, the net is closing on the emporer. I should survive if my allies are not corrupted. And the Emporer should be ground to dust! I'll let the others fight over Constantinople (though I've told Hungary I won't mind if he takes it). As long as we have enough provinces between Byzantium and our heartland the owner of the metropolis won't be a great threat.

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