Monday, October 04, 2004

1324 - My Response

Options are very limited, following the losses of provinces, recruitment and troops in the last campaign season. Byzantine armies, having taken our agricultural heartland, now threaten our last toeholds.

The fleet will mount a small amphibious invasion with cavalry forces from Antioch into Miletus, to create distractions in the rear of the Byzantine’s conquering army. The Byzantine fleet can’t interfere with this this season (except a small suicide mission of dromonds if he chooses). These cavalry, if they manage to land, will threaten Smyrna and Nicea, forcing the invader to detach security units from his main armies.

The Trezibond force shall invade Ankara, assisted by cavalry from Edessa. Unless the Emporer dedicates this turn to securing his possessions, they should take it back of him. An army of Saracens and horse archers are to be recruited in Edessa, to providing additional security to the horse archers which remain this season as a covering force, and to provide a possible expeditionary force if opportunity presents. Jerusalem, sadly, looks about to slip from our reach.

On the diplomatic front, we have send friendly diplomats to Hungary, the Hafsid, the Mamluke and the Order. There is something approachin a potential surrounding of Byzantium here. I have phrased accompanying email messages along the lines of, "is it worth it to anyone else if I put up a stubborn fight against the Empire?"

Best outcome, we take back Ankara and seize Miletus. Our navy survives to withdraw the amphibious forces if necessary. We disrupt plans to seize Edessa, and have a large enough army there to take advantage of any errors he might make.

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