Friday, May 29, 2009

RP thread - adventures of Raebert

Upon my return to Whithorn after serving out my commission as General of Galloway and then Steward of Scotland, followed by an Easter retreat in Drummore, I became involved for a number of days in a town forum RP thread entitled 'The Further Adventures of Raebert', where Ladyrobin and her adopted sons Raebert and Ragnar were returning to Whithorn on the road from Wigtown.

The storyline was simple but, like all good RP, it took place in a complex world.

They had been absent for a number of weeks due their need to hide from the Count's henchmen, who may or may not have been despatched on behalf of the Campbell 'Protector of the County' who had seized most of the reigns of power upon the sickness of the official Count. The stubborn and bloodyminded attitude of the Protector regarding the independence of Galloway from the rules and customary institutions of Scotland was leading to a major increase of tension within the land. Ladyrobin's husband had been a thorn in the Campbell protector's side for a long time, and it had been judged prudent to remove her to safety.

Eventually, in a deal between the Royal Scottish Army and the Ducal Guard under the Campbell Protector, Ladyrobin's husband had been posted to serve within the Ducal Guard as a sign of compomise between the factions. Fort this reason, it was now deemed safe for Lady Robin to return home.

Enough background, back to the RP itself...

Leaving the main path in a moment of juvenile adventuresness, Lady Robin fell from her horse and was knocked unconscious. Young Bert and his older brother Ragnar were doing their confused best to deal with the situation when, on the main path, Dracmuller's older assistant, Donald, came by. He and his master were themselves returning to Whithorn after having spent a period in retreat after working out the stresses of past months doing some gold mining near Drummore (scotland's most isolated town).

Donald was recognised by young Bert and soon Bert was busy comforting the Lady, while Drac and Ragnar had built a litter to be towed behind Drac's trusty donkey, splinted her broken leg. They headed on to Whithorn. Meanwhile, Donald had been sent off ahead of them to organise things for their arrival at either Lady Robin's home, or Drac's Forge if necessary (Ladyrobin's husband and Drac are neighbors on King Street). This had in turn brought Angus into play, for he had been minding Drac's King Street Forge and its attendant pig sties while Drac had been gone for the past few months.

The thread had reached the point where Ladyrobin is made comfortable in her own home and the younger lads are thinking what they'll get up to when Drac hear's the alarm bell ringing at the town Barracks. Little does he know it as he walks down the street to find out what is going on, but that alarm bell signals the arrival of news that the Ducal Guard of Galloway have crossed the border into the neighboring county of Ayr, setting in train events that would lead to the latest outbreak pf open fighting in what can be seen as RK Scotland's ongoing state of civil war.

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