Sunday, May 31, 2009

RK - The Royal Scottish Army

Since its foundation, RK Scotland has had a single national army - the Royal Scottish Army. Known as the 'RSA', it has had a checkered organisational history. Despite this, it is developing a proud military heritage.

The RSA is governed by a formal Charter as granted by the King and amended over time. It is organised into (three) County based Regiments, each in turn composed of bands of troops from the towns of respective county. There is a High Command, composed of each Regiment's General and his or her Military Councillor. The whole entity is commanded by the Field Marshall who is, himself, subject to the Steward.

Soldiers within the RSA are all volunteers. Once sworn in, they are allocated to their town band. The bulk of their RSA activity will be based around the band, involving such things as patrolling the nearby roads, keeping an eye on travellers and new arrivals, defending the town hall from rebellions when necessary. Occasionally the bands will be asked to contribute to a muster of their County's RSA Regiment.

At times of national crisis the RSA has 'gone active' and formed up ingame armies, based on the Regiments. Prior to April this year, RSA Regiments have fought ingame battles at Muirkirk (putting down the Fury rebellion) and then again at Dumfries (the Caledonian Crisis).

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