Sunday, May 31, 2009

Aztec update

There have been goings on the mesoamericas MMPORG Tribal Nations.

Agapanther and his friend, having had charges of robbery against them discharged by the courts, returned to their native province. Not without, however, a final sacrifice on the last node of the province in which they have had such happy hunting. Sad thing was that they hit the same character who they'd hit a week earlier (Chiefed) and so he didn't have much on him. He was, obviously, feeling a bit put out and paranoid at all the attention.


After spending about a week fishing in the local lake, some new provinces which have been opened for awhile were finally linked by road to the Aztec provinces. The new provinces are for people who speak other languages (French, German and some other). There are no accurate maps (yet) of the new provinces, so Agapanther and his friend have gone for a look.

Having found the new french provinces we travelled through the nearest and held a 'welcome sacrifice' in the furthest, retreating immediately back to the first of the two so that we are beyond the reach of any officious legal proceedings (we are banking that there have not yet been judicial treaties put in place between the new provinces). We are presently heading our way through the new french province, waiting until we find another border to it. When we do, we will probably hold another sacrifice before returning home to level up.

Will soon need to start locating others who are interested in following the path we are on. The days of easy pickings will surely be reaching their end.

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