Monday, August 06, 2007

The Strategic Dimension

Norwegian Server's Norwegian map has renewed itself, with a new set of targets and defences. Each 'map' seems to stay online for about 60 hours before renewing itself, the set up on the new map being partly influenced by player actions on the old. To affect the ground war, and hence the front line, becomes a strategic goal of one's air actions. Bombers (including torpedo bombers) take on their historical war winning role.

Fighter aircraft too find their role being expanded to cover more of the historical 'types' of aerial warfare than the traditional dogfight map allows for. Interdiction, air defence, denial of territory, ground attack, combat air patrol, intrusion, recce, sweep - all of these types of sortie become relevant in game terms, no longer relying upon the good will of players and their willing suspension of disbelief - a pre-requirement for many single scenarios to 'work'.

This is one of the reasons I like campaigns so much, I enjoy the strategic dimension.

The downside (if you can call it that) is that a lot of players want a 'quick fix' and thus head to the popular dogfight channels in preference to the long navigational flights, counterpoised with brief moments of surprised terroror, which is typical of the campaign experience.

In my mind, the time invested to derive the benefit is well worth the payoff in terms of enjoyment.

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