Saturday, August 04, 2007

Predawn (Realtime)

I fell asleep early last night and thus awoke at around 3 am. What else should I have done but hopped into my online cockpit and gone for a flight in my Beaufighter over Norway?

I must have been in a bit of a daze because, as I write this, the details aren't too clear in my mind. So this will be very brief mission report. Both sorties occurred in mid afternoon (server time), only light broken cloud at about 4000 feet and otherwise a clear sky.

Sortie 1: I was only pilot in sky, and went for a recce with rockets. I unleashed them at a freighter which had made its way into the channel I had been attacking in before dawn, to no effect. I then overflew Herdla airfield, checking out how I would mount an attack on next flight. Return to base was uneventful, the seas pretty cleaned out of enemy shipping in the area.

Sortie 2: I was joined in the air by Sandy from Norway. He was flying a FW 190 from Herdla airfield. He took off just before I did.

With an enemy fighter in the air I didn't take the direct route to target, but instead flew north aways and then turned east, swinging in to attack my target from the (hopefully) unexpected direction of the North East. I managed to avoid the fighter on my way over, but again got confused in the clouds of flak exploding around me as I passed over the nearby port facility. I did however notice a particular cluster of AA guns on a point of land jutting into the channel as they peppered my plane with shells. I disposed of one with my own cannon before being riddled with shells myself. Fuel pissing out, elevators gone, fire in my starboard motor, I crashed into the South side of the bay.

I hope these fighter pilots don't expect this bomber pilot to try and make it easy for them to find or get me!

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