Monday, October 09, 2006

Rome - Total War

I have recently gotten into Rome Total War again. Again, I am Scipio. Again, I have to play the game from scratch (meaning I must succeed with a roman faction in the short campaign before I can even consider playing one of the non roman factions).

By about 140 BC I have taken Sicily, Crete and Palma, as well as Carthage and Thespas. The Numidian is sending in his main armies to take my newly conquered african provinces from me, and I hold him at arms length with forts while we maneuver for position before the inevitable major battle.

By exterminating the population of conquered provinces and then shipping in surplus peasants from my homeland I have kept my growth rate up as well as a sizeable treasury. This is also the first game I have made major use of mercenaries to complement my legionary core.

As always, a good game.

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simon said...

Arrrr yes there is nothing like a good Roman wargame. All my friends are crazy about Rome total war and it looks great. It's so good to actual hear as well as see a battle and i love voices in the game. My problem is, that it takes a long time to play and the hours just fly by and with my painting etc I can't find the time to get into it. I'll have to book a weekend and master the controls. I love the map also and we've taken a few ideas from the game to use in our own. Great stuff!