Monday, October 09, 2006

New miniatures

I went to Melbourne over the weekend, and managed to pick up a few more miniatures for my 6mm Spanish Civil War armies. I'm not sure when I'll get around to painting them (nor the remaining five battalions of infantry I already have) but, when I do, I will be able to field armies representing any of the main forces of the conflict in a battle up to regimental size. That will be good, as I have located another potential player. The number of interested parties is now seven.

For the record, the following is what I purchased:

1 each of BA10 soviet armoured car (will use as BA3), French Laffly-White armoured car (WWI surplus), half tracked Austin-Pulitov armoured car, early WWII lorry, horsed 'Tachanka' wagon mounted with machine gun (from russian civil war range), BT7 soviet medium tank, and a Il 16 soviet monoplane fighter.

I also purchased a company of FT17 WWI french tanks (used by both sides), and another company of PZ Is (will make these Spanish identification rather than Kondor Legion).

I will keep you updated.

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