Monday, October 09, 2006

EF II update

The battle continues to be joined in the East Front II scenario I am playing with Wayne. We are finally into the final fifth of the game. My first panzer's tanks have been shredded by the hordes of Russians, and the few numbers of T34s and KVIs amongst the bulk of his smaller vehicles has more than been made up for by the quality of those vehicles. I've taken out individual vehicles, but not eliminated any platoons yet.

His ring of steel closes around the isolated grenadiers in the southern village. Although they hold sufficient victory point locations at present, they still have several turns of increasing hell to look forward to. On the central hill, the remnants of my infantry are barely managing to retreat before the advancing battalions, themselves with armour support. On the northern hill slopes the last of my tanks has gone, and his armour there closes in on the flank of my embattled infantry.

The only bright point for me is my advanced units operating behind russian lines. They are taking key points, and threaten to grab several objective hexes if the russian doesn't more stoutly defend them. This is drawing units away from the main battle in the town.

The question will be, how many units are drawn away from the main front by my marauders, and can my infantry hold out against the resultingly mainly armoured assault. Time will tell.

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