Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fishing in Tzilicaapan, Church in Dumfries

My Aztec character is presently fishing in Tzilicaapan with his friend while we both eat meat before heading further south to do good deeds. Our apprenticeship in the dark arts has already commenced with our studying the rather idiosyncratic laws of the various provinces of the Empire. For example, one province encourages roadside sacrifices on Wednesdays and Saturdays, another sets aside one week a month for the purpose. It is all academic as we consume our meat diets in honour of the war gods (to raise our combat proficiency) but we will soon venture forth to do good so is handy to know.

My Scottish self has spent about a month in the rather unfriendly town of Dumfries. For the first few weeks I tended to defend the walls of the castle, but have of late been spending my days contemplating life in the church. From being an extremely tense situation when I first arrived (to the point that suffered an assassination attempt on first attempt at entry) the town has calmed down such that there are no longer any mobilised armies here. I would call this "mission accomplished." With any luck, will close the pub and start the return journey to Whithorn tomorrow. Have a mountain of paperwork to deal with.

I've been away from home IRL over the past five days. Managed to keep an internet connection, despite being 500 miles from home and having the use of a borrowed laptop. I'm not generally a fan of pay-as-you-go intenet, but sure is handy when travelling. I did enjoy the 'rest' of having only to deal with the basic ingame functions of my Tribal Nations and Renaissance Kingdoms MMORPGs, giving the multimedia aspects (chat, forms, etc) a break.

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