Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hs 123 and East Front


Have acquired an old Airfix model, an 1/72 Hs 123. The box was a bit old and tatty, and the fuselage pieces were off the spruce when I opened it, but otherwise all seemed good. I came across it in a quiet little stall, under some more 'standard' model kits, in the gloomy back corners of the Junction Market, one of Adelaide's largish weekend markets held in industrial size sheds. Even though it's probably 25 years since I last bought a kit model, seeing the spanish markings on the box art, how could I resist? Now I just gotta build the bugger.

And I seem to have stalled on the French figures. 1/54 scale figures are a lot of surface area to paint!

East Front

As you might guess, East Front II was one of the first games I loaded onto the new hard drive. Am almost half way through a mid-level complexity scenario (mixed regimental level). I'm playing the german mixed group of defenders in 41/42 against a largely infantry russian wave. As usual, it is the T34s which cause the most grief. Wayne and I are exchanging repartee when we send each other our respective turns. Pretty funny.


Anonymous said...

Won't do you any good

Dracmuller said...

Do I hear a bear tip toeing around the truth here? (that's an 'in' East Front joke).

Anonymous said...

You are lucky I'm too busy. It makes your days happier.

Dracmuller said...

We will toast your arrival with steel when you come.