Wednesday, May 14, 2008

games wot I played and the online leap

Looking at the list of things that I've loaded into the computer recently, it's all online mediated stuff now. There are certain desktop standalone games I keep in a drawer because I'm sure I'll enjoy them again one day, but I seem to have made the leap from silicon to electron based gaming.

Thinking such meta-gaming thoughts recently I went for a browse on the topic and came across Open Bracket, a blog themed around online game development. Very interesting to me, with my anthropological bent. What endears me even more to the author is the fact that their current favorite online game is Renaissance Kingdoms!

For the record, in the past few months I've played Rook, The Great Dalmutti, Ticket to Ride.

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Bardic Knowledge said...

Thanks for the link back to my blog mate ^^ If ya have any ideas or suggestions about PBBGs or topics to write about, feel more than free to contact me.