Sunday, March 04, 2007

What do you know?

You may recall that in a recent post I mentioned (half jokingly) that it might be a good time for my household to upgrade computers so that I'd be able to fly online with 'IL-46', the latest addition to the series of WWII combat flight simulators which began with 'IL-2'. I made the comment in the belief it would take several months for first the decision and then accumulation of money (we're not a house that lives on credit).

Well what do you know? In the past week we were made an offer we couldn't refuse, and are now proud possessors of a fairly new Pentium 4 machine with attached accessories! It makes flying Pacific Fighters a smoother operation (not that that's helped my success ratio very much) and has eased up the load on our workhorse computer.

So now the push is on to get the skills up to standard quicker, then time the online arrival to be either very soon, or when the next game in the series is released (believe it will focus on Battle of Britain).

Saddest thing generally at present which affects my gaming existence? Fact that I have been extremely under the pump at work and will now have a couple hours extra travelling time each day for a few months. Equals less time or energy for gaming...

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