Sunday, February 04, 2007

Playing Pacific Fighter while we swelter

It hit 42'C again today, hot enough that there's little to do but keep having a quick dip between breaks. In the last 24 hours we've had ten people jump in, all of whom would normally be in for at least a simple game (eg. Pass the Bomb, Guillotine, cards). But it's just been too goddam hot. How much worse will it get if global warming gets away from us, which is what the UN scientists think it has already done?

So I've got some flying hours up on Pacific Fighter, though must say it's still a bit of hit and miss for me. It would be good to join a squadron and fly online sometime. Sadly, neither my pilot nor computer skills are quite up to the challenge yet. So I'll return to all those online flight manuals, get my skills up offline while I work out exactly what I'll need to do to play online.

Ye old miniatures look like they'll have to wait the passing of this other fad before they get the attention they deserve.

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