Sunday, February 11, 2007

Pacific Fighter Fun

I've been spending a bit of time with the WWII flightsim 'Pacific Fighter' recently. This is the game that was lost but then was found (in an odd box in an odd place where it rested since we moved six months ago). My goal is to become a competent enough flier to make the most of it when I finally (hopefully) work out how to play realtime online.

At the moment this little project of mine thus proceeds on two fronts, off and on line. Offline, I have put in about 7 hours of actual 'flying time' this past week, videoing as I go. Haven't even progressed to simple dogfights yet, have occupied myself flying Kittyhawks on simple bomb and strafe runs to get the hang of the plane with the full flight model the system uses. Not easy. Love it.

Online, I have downloaded all of the various patches to make sure my copy of this 2004 game is fully up to date, and then tried to locate a server that plays Pacific Fighters. Seems that there are aussie flight communities that play with the next in line game of this 'IL2' series of simulations (IL '46), but that requires a DVD drive which our computer doesn't have. Maybe time to upgrade?

More on it later, time for another bomb run!


simon said...

Hello Pleader, I have a strange question for you, but one I think you might be able to help me with. I'm painting WWII German tanks at the moment and was wondering, the German 'Ambush' 1944 camouflage was given to both the TigerII's and the Panther tanks, but I couldn't find any ref for it being given to the Tiger I. Is this a silly question and was it given to all tanks from August 1944?
Also I'm painting all my tanks in the same scheme, including scout cars etc (to make them look part of the same unit)...Is this a good idea? I know you're a bit of a tank man at heart and so I thought If anybody knows It'll be you.I have a Tiger I to paint after my Panther and didn't want to make a mistake...can you help? Thankyou, Simon from the Mitten.

simon said...

P.S As you might of gathered I'm getting into the second world war and have started to research the period in depth. There is so much to learn and at the moment I am learning all the German names for officers and the like.
I plan to start with a German Platoon and then do the same for the British and American's. Unlike Roman cohorts, I like the way that WWII skirmish games are 1:1 ratio and a section of 10 men represents 10 men, 30 man Platoon and so on. Keep an eye on the Mitten for the tanks...I know this is more your era and I look forward to sharing info with you, Tanks again, Simon