Saturday, June 17, 2006

Al Front! update - card driven event sequence

Firstly, the Al Fronte! rewrite IS happening, but is happening slowly. It does appear that this should be the last such rewrite before I publish it on the web, so there is some consolation.

One positive aspect of a decently long development time for a game system is that you can think about the physical equipment required (as well as paint your 6mm troops up!). One such advance I have made because of the long cogitation period my procrastination has given me is to link a bit of web trivia in my 'favorites' to a practical use in my game.

This site has a free web based 'Trading Card' design application. I will use it to replace the playing cards I presently use for our game. I will be able to do it without using other's images (and the ethical issue that involves as a photographer) by taking my own photos, or accessing sites for images which are available for personal use. I will still leave the card key in the rules so that future players may do as we do now, and perhaps a link to the cardset I use for those that wish to print and produce their own atmospheric cards.

My first attempt at a designer Random Event Card

Another project to get underway in this brilliant pursuit of gaming!

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