Friday, May 19, 2006

Al Front! update, and miniatures photos coming soon.

I've been asked to post a few pictures of my miniatures that show a bit more than the previous two snapshots did. They were to give you an idea of what it is we were doing as we tested out our draft Al Front! ruleset for the Spanish Civil Wargame in 6mm.

I've scored a camera now, so I hope to put up a few more specific pictures before too long.

As to Al Front!, it's got to the point (a year after the first printing) that it has been tweaked so much that it actually needs a rewrite. What should be comforting is that it will actually become simpler, although it will still come in at about 20 pages in Word with arial font and few pictures - I'll use the space to make it hopefully easily navigable on first reading (possibly second) and concentrate the charts together after the text. The design challenge there is to try and group and locate the charts on the page so that they don't cause players to have to continually shuffle pages through there turn (I hate that in a game).

Anyway, I'm waiting for the camera to charge up, and try and get something up here in the next couple of days...

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