Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Easter Presents - Pacific Fighters and Ghost Recon Expansions

My 'Easter Present' this year was a couple of computer games, Pacific Fighters (Ubisoft, 2004, realistic combat flight sim) and the Gold Edition of Ghost Recon (2001, with expansion disks of Desert Seige and Island Thunder, first player special forces shoot 'em up). So guess what I've been doing since Easter?

That has, of course, impacted upon my painting schedule, which has ground down back to stationary. I managed to paint up all of my new vehicular and ordinance elements (exception: london bus, horse and cart, Bf 109s). I have also painted most of the bases of all the painted troops in a matt green. Previously, they were painted with an impossible to replace Prussian Green acrylic, didn't look good (way too dark) and couldn't replace the bottle when it ran out. The next two steps in the project will be to complete the base painting, and then matt varnish the entire army.

That still leaves me the following to paint:

2 Bf 109s
Horse and Cart
Half company mounted troops
2 Battallions soft hatted troops
3 Battallions helmeted troops
1 Machine Gun Battalion
1 Carlist Company
6 Flag Groups.

That should give me something to do over winter ...

And, I found my tractor!

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