Saturday, September 25, 2004

The game commences

This blog is to track the history of the nation of Roum in a game of Medieval Diplomacy, or Medieval Warlords as it is sometimes known. I will put up the link to the site where one can join the game when I get around to it. Briefly, one downloads a program called the "Diploware", and uses this each weekly turn to process the results of a turn update which one downloads from the web, and to post back your updated turn for the following period. Turns are weekly, and represent a year in game time. Players are free to wheel and deal by email, and use their judgement of the character of others upon which to base their turns which they then enter in the diploware. Each game starts with 23 players, each controlling a realm in medieval europe/middle east/north africa. It is great fun, ruthless, and very interesting.

In the game to which this blog will be dedicated, I entered as the nation of Roum, which is roughly where modern Turkey is. I have taken over the realm on the fourth turn, presumably because my predecessor bowed out of the game. Thus, I am starting a bit behind the starting blocks.

The purpose of this blog is to record some of the highs and lows of a medieval ruler as he battles to achieve glory. Win or lose, I hope it is interesting. I expect the blog will be updated weekly as each turn is processed. I would love comments to indicate someone has read the blog. Cheers.

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