Sunday, September 26, 2004

1323 - International Situation

There are only limited conclusions I can deduce from viewing the map. It will take a while to develop human intelligence to give substance to my observations.

For what it's worth, Byzantine apppears the largest nation in my region. To its North, Hungary appears about to conflict with Bavaria although, with an army composed mainly of Light Cavalry, I don't give much for his chances. The Teutonic Order has spread right along the Baltic Coast to Novgorod, who appears about to exit the game as he is also under attack by the Horde (who have taken Muscovy). Lithuania appears small, but has good internal lines of communication.

Saxony suffers an invasion by Bavaria to the South, and Bremen is occupied by the English. I haven't really looked at Scandinavia, although Denmark is spreading North. England, besides Bremen, has landed also at Brittany. France has conquored most of her nearby neighboring provinces, from Alsace to be threatening Gascony. Arles is quiet, Lombardy unoccupied, and Venice has taken provinces from Rome to the Ragussa. The Sicilian seems to be madly building castles.

To the West, Aragon presses Aquitane from the South, Castile has yet to reach Lagos, Morocco slowly spreads West across North Africa, the Hafsids are inactive around Tunis and the Mamlukes haven't launched out of Egypt yet.

That about sums up the world I am in, with France, Byzantium and the Teutonic Order appearing to be the big powers at present.

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