Sunday, September 28, 2008

Online Peasant

My Tribal Nations character, Agapanther continues to develop in the Aztec milleux. Is now a bean farmer, works at the mines when he's not on his farm, spends maybe an hour a week in the pubs (well, maybe two). Not hypo about this game like I have grown to be about Renaissance Kingdoms, but doing nicely thankyou very much. Once I get my first harvest in I'll be able to start thinking about my stats. Unlike my guy in RK I think I'll not waste too much time in the level up process (but not be manic about it).

Just for interest's sake, here's a copy of my avatar from the TN forums:

I made the image from some snaps I'd taken of a grandchild's plaster fun house creation (a rainbow coloured plaster skull). Just played with Brightness and contrast, touched the 'hue'.

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